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IDCO’s primary objective is to empower people and reduce poverty through the combination of Social Mobilization, Decentralization and Appreciative Inquiry. Two modalities can be distinguished: Direct Support and Consultancy Services.

Direct Support

Direct support activities are currently concentrated on rural areas in Palawan with a view to demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services, mostly in Asia and Europe, serve the purpose to provide policy advice in the areas of focus of IDCO, i.e., Poverty Reduction, Empowerment, Community Mobilization, Decentralization and the management of Change. The income from consultancy services is directly channeled into the expansion of field activities.
  Consultant's services have included the evaluation of a UNDP-supported project in Ukraine, support for the formulation of a UN Development Assistance Framework for Albania, strengthening aid coordination in Cambodia and North Korea, development of a poverty reduction strategy for Timor-Leste, and the evaluation of a community-centered development programme for four countries in the South Pacific.