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Field Laboratory Activities of IDCO in the Philippines

IDCO’s field activities are currently focused on working with several Barangays in the City of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Emphasis is always placed on empowering people through Social Mobilization and Self-Help. Projects have included a large number of micro-enterprises, pre-schools, vegetable and fruit gardens, a drinking water system, providing boats, engines and nets to fishermen, and emergency relief. Currently a major fish processing and pasalubong center is being established in Barangay Tagburos.







Pillars of Social Mobilization and Impact

Social Mobilization as practiced by IDCO comprises 6 major pillars: Organization, Savings, Loans, Training, Productive Physical Infrastructure (PPI) and Partnerships.

Organization is focused on the creation of Community Organisations (COs) as described earlier.

Regular savings by all members of a CO enable them to accumulate capital for emergencies and for the financing of micro-enterprises.

Loans first from savings and later from outside sources enable members to undertake larger economic and social projects.

Training is aimed at acquiring technical and managerial skills.

The joint undertaking of projects of productive physical infrastructure, like the building of small irrigation systems, results in immediate gains in productivity.

The seeking out of partnerships with Local Government Units, NGOs, and private sector organizations leads to the accessing of important technical know-how and financial resources.